Music for the children of the Beqaa valley

In July 2019, Crea Thera gave training to a group of volunteers associated with the NGO Loyac
During those days they learned some basic music therapy techniques to use in their work with refugees.

After two intensive training days, two teams were created to give workshops to refugee children in a camp in the Beqaa Valley. The teams were encouraged to run the workshops themselves to make it sustainable.

Lebanese and Syrian children live in the camps. The living conditions are terrible and cause a lot of tension between the two groups. The consequences of the war in Syria affect their lives. Many of them are traumatized and have little to no coping skills.

The Mobart project of LOYAC intends to improve here by setting up mobile schools in the community. In this schools children learn to work on their resilience through creative tools.

To deepen this process Crea Thera and Loyac partnered. Through regular training Crea Thera teaches LOYAC volunteers to work more therapeutically and trauma-sensitive.


After this initial training, Crea Thera and Loyac decided to offer a more intensive training program to the volunteers. There will be more focus on trauma, music therapy and art therapy. There will be 2 training weeks, one in July 2021 and one in July 2022.

The intention is to create 4 teams, 2 in music and 2 in art, who will go to the camps to provide workshops for children in the camps. The camp visits will already start after the first training week. There will also be quarterly live stream coaching to monitor and supervise the teams.

The project aims at capacity building, continuity and sustainability of such empowering activities for the benefit of the children. For more information about this project go to page “trainings”.