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Integration support – empowerment and connection by creative and therapeutic activities

About Us

CREA THERA was founded by the Bruges music therapist Thomas Deleu and is active in the region of Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2007.

Children, young people and adults from this heavily traumatized community may take part in regular creative activities, especially music and art therapeutic workshops.

The flight

In 2020 and 2021, non-profit organization Crea Thera will work in 3 primary schools in Bruges and Ostend on the realization of the musical theater piece ‘De Vlucht’.
Children from the 5th and 6th grade go through an integration support process based on the flight story of classmates through music, word and dance. This process is rounded off with a showcase for the wider school and urban community as far as corona allows.
There is a great need for more connection and empathy between newcomers and the host population. Breaking through isolation and polarization is a major challenge today. A place where newcomers and host population (can) frequently meet is the school of their children. In that place, the project aims to creatively visualize the flight story of many newcomers and show it to the entire school and wider community. True integration is a matter of mutual connection and not of ‘they have to integrate into our society’. Making music theater is an excellent medium to practice and show this.
Participating schools: Hendrik Conscience (Ostend), Het Kleurenpalet (Bruges), De Kroonlaan (Ostend). With the support of Cultuur Vlaanderen CJM, Cera, City of Bruges and Friends of Crea Thera.


At the end of 2016, Crea Thera started working in various refugee reception centers in Belgium. In 2017, an impulse subsidy came from the province of West Flanders to offer music therapeutic workshops in 2 refugee reception centers and a community house. In OC Poelkapelle, in community house for minors Estas and in OC Wingene. The project was named MUSIC HOME.

Project “Music for the children of the Beqaa Valley” (Lebanon)



Crea Thera is working with the Lebanese NGO LOYAC on a
basic training in music therapeutic techniques to use in the work with refugees. A team of LOYAC youth workers will be trained to work as a “community music worker” in the refugee camps in the Beqaa region.
Music therapists who want to join to this project can contact us!

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