Srebrenica (in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

CREA THERA was founded by the Bruges music therapist Thomas Deleu and is active in the region of Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2007. Children, young people and adults from this heavily traumatized community may take part in regular creative activities, especially music and art therapeutic workshops. Creative therapists from Belgium and the Netherlands give training and supervision to two local workshop facilitators in Srebrenica who want to continue this creative offer independently. All that happens with the support of the province of West-Flanders, of the city of Bruges and of a number of friendly organizations and people.

Music Home (in Flanders)

End 2016 Crea Thera started to work in Flanders (Belgium), particularly in the emergency centre for refugees from the Red Cross in Sijsele. In 2017, a cooperation agreement with the province of West Flanders gave an impulse to offer low-treshhold music therapeutic workshops in 2 asylum centres (Poelkapelle and Wingene). The project was named MUSIC HOME.

Beats, Words & Moves (in Flanders)

Since November 2017 the new integration supporting project BEATS, WORDS & MOVES started in a cooperation agreement with the province of West Flanders. In 2 refugee centres, 3 elementary schools and 2 secondary schools (with OKAN-classes, offering foreign students a one-year, focused study of the Dutch language), there are fortnightly workshops for preschoolers, primary school children, unaccompanied minors, young women, adults. As much as possible in mixed groups: people from here and newcomers. The workshops are provided by a professional music therapist and a experienced master in the performing arts. The focus is on empowerment and connection and in a process-oriented approach. A few times during the year there are also show moments where the wider community is invited to participate in a workshop.

We + they = We+


In July 2019 Crea Thera gave a brief initial training in Lebanon. Youth workers from the NGO LOYAC learned how to use musical methods in workshops with refugee children in the Bekaa Valley.

Along with LOYAC Crea Thera will realize from July 2020 to July 2022 a pilot project for youth workers to empower these children and to teach them to experience joy, self-management and relaxation. Thomas Deleu (music therapist) and Anne van den Ouwelant (art therapist and trauma support) are the trainers. There are other organizations in conflict areas An educational film document will be made for other organizations wanting to work that way in conflict-areas.